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Ice Cream & Soy Milk Recipes

Ice Cream-Making Tips

Who doesn't like a dish of delicious ice cream? Unfortunately, if you struggle to stay lean and healthy, the store bought version can be a real road block. However, if you own a Vita-Mix, you can make delicious soft-serve ice cream that not only packs a nutritional wallop, but also explodes with fresh fruit flavor. Throw in a little Whole Nectar Smoothie Mix and you darn near have a meal. Here are a few ice cream-making tips from Vita-Mix's National Show Director, Dan "The Vita-Mix Man" Stuart.

• Use a ratio of 3 to 1 on your ice to liquid.
• Use enough liquid to cover the blades in the container.
• Frozen fruit is a very flavorful substitute for all or part of the ice in the recipe.
• Juice concentrate (not bottled or reconstituted) will give you great flavor. Look for Dole, Welch's, or Hawaii's Own juice concentrates that are 100% juice. The Orange Peach Mango Ice Cream recipe that follows is one of our favorites.
• Bananas are a handy addition that gives your ice cream a creamy texture. Is the ice cream too thick? Adding a banana will help smooth out the thickness without diluting the flavor. Be sure to experiment with frozen bananas in your ice cream recipes in place of part of the ice cubes. (To freeze bananas, select ripe but not overripe bananas, peel, and freeze in a good-quality freezer bag.)

Orange Peach Mango Ice Cream

(From our book "Delicious Blends")

3/4 cup Dole® Orange Peach Mango juice concentrate (thawed)
3 tbsp. Whole Nectar Ultimate Soy Smoothie Mix
1/2 orange (peeled, quartered)
3 cups ice cubes

Directions: Place all ingredients in the Vita-Mix container in the order listed. Secure the lid. Select High. Turn to ON. Run about 60 seconds until smooth. Use the tamper if necessary to help circulate ingredients. Makes approximately 3 cups of tasty, healthy, low-fat ice cream.

Blending Tip: If ice cream is too runny or soft, add a few more ice cubes. Also, thaw juice concentrate first (in a microwave, if you're in a hurry.)

Whole Nectar Ultimate Soy Milk

2 cups water
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 tablespoon Florida Crystals Natural Sugar (or other sugar)
2/3 cup (2 scoops) Whole Nectar Ultimate Soy Protein Smoothie Mix

Place water, vanilla and sugar in the Vita-Mix container. Secure the lid. Select Variable #1, turn to ON, and increase speed to #3 or #4. Add smoothie mix through center of 2-part lid. Replace the lid and increase speed to Variable #10. Process for 20 seconds. Refrigerate and serve well chilled. Shake before serving. If you want to serve chilled immediately, use 1 cup water and 2 ice cubes. Best if stored in glass jar in refrigerator. Keeps well in refrigerator for 4-5 days, just shake before serving.

Note: Florida Crystals Natural Sugar is a very pleasant tasting, natural milled cane sweetener that is available in most health food stores, but feel free to use any sugar of your choice.

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