Organic Mix Details

Ingredients NOT in Whole Nectar Organic Formula for allergy and food sensitivity reasons

Dairy products
Corn or corn derivatives
Artificial sweeteners, flavoring, coloring.
Foreign grown ingredients
Added Sugar and Sodium
Hydrogenated oils

Q: What are the “natural flavors” in the ingredients?
A: Vanilla

Q: How long does Whole Nectar last?
A: The cans last about 2 years from the time they are purchased. The length of time it can safely be stored is dependent upon temperature, humidity, etc. Once a can is opened it is recommended that it be used in 6 months. Keeping the mix in the refrigerator or freezer will significantly help keep its flavor for a longer time.

Q: Will cooking or freezing negatively affect the smoothie mix?
A: No.

Q: Can I make my own soy milk with Whole Nectar?
A: Yes. A delicious soy milk recipe can be found on our recipe page.

Q: Is Whole Nectar kosher certified?
A: Yes. It's certified by Scroll K

Q: What is the amount of isoflavones in a serving?
A: 75 mg of naturally occurring isoflavones per 1 scoop (4 tablespoons).

Q: Is Whole Nectar sold in stores?
A: No. It's sold at VitaMix demonstrations, directly on our website or over the phone at 877-863-3827.

Q: Is Whole Nectar organic?
A: Yes. USDA certified organic and State of Colorado certified organic

There’s good news…
Soy beans are, by far, the best plant source of protein and the only vegetable food whose protein is complete. In addition, there's strong evidence that soy foods may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Not only that, regular soy intake has been linked to lower cholesterol and reduced symptoms of PMS and menopause. So, there's every reason in the world to make an effort to eat some soy foods every day.

And There’s Bad News
Unfortunately, one of the most convenient ways to get soy protein into your diet (soy protein powder) has a well deserved reputation for tasting terrible. It's a taste many people describe as a cross between caulk and lawn clippings. We thought there had to be a better way to use soy and make a tasty smoothie. Our wheels began to turn (and so did our blender).

Add Enough Sugar And They Will Come
We found that the demand for soy products was skyrocketing and soy protein manufacturers were feeling the heat to come up with better tasting products. For many of them the solution was easy, cheap, but not very original-add sugar-lots and lots of sugar in the form of maltodextrin, dextrose, and corn syrup, to name a very few. In fact, we saw ingredient lists that had as many as 3 or 4 different sugars as primary ingredients. Or worse, using artificial sweeteners like Sucralose or Aspertame.

It Made Our Teeth Hurt When We Realized
Most people mixed these sugary soy powders with sweet fruit juice or with fresh fruit and made smoothies. Seemed like sugar overkill to us. Why not keep the sweetening in the soy protein to a minimum and let the added fruit and fruit juice be the sweetening? And that's what we decided to do in our formula.

Why Our Smoothie Mix Tastes So Good
And since we were determined not to mask the "green" taste of soybeans with sugar in our formula, we wondered why the soybeans themselves couldn't be tastier. Determined to find a better bean, we tramped around the Midwest literally "field testing" lot of legumes. Somewhere in Iowa, we found the Ultimate Bean, a special breed of premium, mild tasting, soybean. It's organically grown and not genetically modified. This bean gets all the credit for the mild, nutty flavor of our Whole Nectar Soy Protein Smoothie Mix.

Once We Found The Ultimate Bean, We Weren’t About To Throw A Lot Of It Away!

Believe it or not, that's what goes on during the processing of typical soy protein powder. Just the protein part of the soybean (called isolate) is used and the rest goes out the door. But that wasn't going to happen with our bean because we believe in the whole food health philosophy. After all, if it's "health smart" to eat whole wheat, the whole apple and the whole enchilada, why not the whole bean? Since each whole food is a complex grouping of many health properties, working synergistically, it didn't make any sense to cheat ourselves of these benefits. Take isoflavones. We weren't about to process them all out and then add some back in at unnaturally high ratios like many processors do. That's why the number one ingredient in our soy protein smoothie mix is the whole soybean with all the naturally occuring isoflavones in their natural ratios. We think a diet rich in whole foods is important.

Soy Is Good For You, But You Shouldn't Have To Eat A Wheelbarrow Load of Beans Or Gallons Of Soy Milk To Get Enough Protein Every Day.

We all know that eating the right balance of lowfat, quality protein is imperative for maintaining health. For Whole Nectar Ultimate Soy Smoothie Mix to be true protein "power" smoothie mix, it had to have a meals worth of protein in every serving. To ensure that all your smoothies are protein rich, we use an organic isolate that has the highest protein content of all soy foods (over 90%), is water washed, non-GMO, and not chemically extracted like other soy products.

Why Should You Have To Choose Between Healthy Eating And Great Taste?

Well, you don't, with Whole Nectar Organic Soy Protein Smoothie Mix. We're very proud of our unique formula that gives you all the whole food nutrition of the soybean and lots of high quality, easily digestible protein in every serving. And we know you'll have fun using our mix to make delicious power smoothies.

When you blend fruit and vegetables, you don't have to discard nutritional gold mines like the core of the pineapple or the white pith of citrus fruit, if you use the right blender. There is only one brand of blender that makes it possible to easily process these fiberous parts of the fruit and blend them into your smoothie using "stealth technology." That blender is called the Vita-Mix. The Vita-Mix will easily handle large amounts of ice, frozen fruit and vegetables so there's no reason to thaw out frozen food or do a lot of pre-chopping. Following simple and delicious recipes, you can transform the high density fiber of a whole carrot (for instance) into pure liquid nutritional gold! No regular blender can do that. Bottom line: the Vita-Mix is the best kitchen tool for the job and it's the choice of restaurant pros. We wouldn't make a smoothie without it.

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